The Tempest

World of Warcraft





  • Fresh install
  • starting out with only Drupal
  • new MySQL? database ( starsto_argentarchives user = starsto_aarchive )

  • Install page

  • Create first account: argentadmin e-mail: hduyker [at] starstone
  • Created a site e-mail address: argentadmin [at]

  • Created the ./files folder by configuring files

  • Created a "Gilthas" account

  • Created a role "admin", giving full access to everything, then adding Gilthas to that role

  • Set the options to:
    Visitors can create accounts but administrator approval is required.
    Require e-mail verification when a visitor creates an account
  • Things to do re-write the welcome e-mails and such
  • Enabled pictures support for users

  • Fiddling with getting cron to work - modified the scripts/ file, chmod 755 (no success so far)

  • Fiddling with the site icon ( "favicon.ico" )
  • Changed the site logo

  • Added modules
    • freelinking
    • img
    • img_assist
    • views
    • views_bonus

  • Turned on modules
    • Profiles
    • Search
    • Statistics
    • Image
    • Image Attach
    • Image Gallery
    • Image Import
    • Image assist
    • Freelinking
    • Views
    • Views Bonus Pack
    • Views RSS
    • Views Theme Wizard
    • Views UI
    • Contact
    • Path

  • Configured Freelinking in Input Formats -- added it to the Filtered HTML format
  • Filled in Contact information

  • Switched theme from Garland (fluid) to Minelli (same theme, but fixed-width)
  • changed cron to use 50 * * * * GET > /dev/null

  • Set up an e-mail address : contact [at] argentarchives ]dot[ org . Can be reached through

Added modules

  • nodefamily
  • nodeprofile
  • usernode

Turned on:

  • nodefamily
  • nodeprofile
  • usernode

Turned off:

  • userprofile

  • CCK

Jorgen zegt: hoped to see the experience from the character profiles first and then make the guild profile (maybe even have the community members vote for what to implement in the guild profile/) Jorgen zegt: ideas for guild characteristics would be: website, forum, OOC founding date, IC founding date, Member list, Enemies/friends, faction attitude Jorgen zegt: I believe giving it some time might be the best idea however, giving us time to hone the site and the character profiles, as well as allowing the community to feel they had an input


  • Install BBCode? filter
  • Install buttons for easy formatting
  • Image gallery per user


  • Ad module: menu en plaatjes optie
  • Blog overal hernoemen
  • Laatste 2 (?) blogposts tonen in usernode
  • Tabs in udernode (inclusief toegang tot account?)


  • CCK volgorde in usernode
  • Drupal boek printen & inbinden
  • Uitzoeken editing pagina indeling en theme

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