The Tempest

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Faerie Blood? - Glamour?
Fae magic of illusion. Minor effects included an array of minor tricks: Sparkles, colors and the like. Stunts allowed for vast or strongly persistent illusions. Geas came from its fae nature, which had many rules involving things like gifts, circles and Iron.
Necromancer? - Path of the Dead?
Doing business with the dead. Necromancers can speak with the deceased, and the more skilled ones can summon back a semblance of life into dead bodies.
Pyromancer? - Pyromancy
Fire Magic is one of the most common sorceries. It is rumored to have originated in the deserts of the southland, but whatever its source it has spread throughout the realm, and the talent for it is consider a great blessing on the house among the lords of the Far North.
Aeromancer? - Air Magic?
Caster can create and control breezes and whisper to anyone within sight with a skill roll. With a stunt, whirlwinds can be created to transport the caster, or be used for attack or defense. Mages may not let their bare feet touch the earth or they loose all their power til the next full moon.
Bargain with a demon? - Demonology?
May use their skill for knowledge of demons, as well as the ability to speak their infernal tongue. With a stunt, a Demon may be summoned to be bargained with or bound (in general, the more powerful the demon, the harder it is to do this).
Cartomancy? - Cartomancy?
The literal and figurative manipulation of cards. Minor effect includes interesting shuffling tricks and only-slightly-better-than-useless divinations. Stunts include manipulating packs of cards into shapes, hiding physical objects in cards, and performing more useful divinations. The geas equivalent is the necessity of having cards on hand.
Elementalist? - Elementalism?
The ability to summon and bind elementals. Minor effects allow communication with elementals, as well as some sense of when they were active. Stunts allow summoning an elemental which could be bound (requiring a skill roll) to a service, or if a weak enough elemental, to an item. Geas equivalent is that the Elementals were frequently persnickety, and that binding is tricky.
Blood Mage?, Sadist - Blood Magic?
The use of blood and pain to do magic. There are few limits on what can be done with Blood Magic. However, the price is high, and the traces of their deeds leave permanent marks on the aura of a Blood Mage.
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